Tips For A Winning Website Design

Every business needs a great website to support their online consumers.  Without a great business website, you’re not really giving your operation all the tools it needs to succeed.  Investing in the development of your website is essential.  

If you’re looking to build your business a website in-house, then you need to take the time to research the foundational building blocks of a solid site design.  Start now by reading through a brief compilation of some helpful tips on building a winning website.  

Resist the urge to clutter

Your homepage is a very important part of your site’s design.  It has the challenge of grabbing and holding the attention of web users.  You have just under three seconds to give users enough to latch onto, so of course, you want to make it count.  

Hoarding your ideas on the homepage is not the answer.  Too much clutter will overstimulate users and drive them away from the opportunities that lie before them.  

Keep the design simple

Keep your design clean and simple, so users won’t feel overwhelmed or confused about where to go next.  Adding a simple stationary navigation bar for movement is a big helper in this arena.  

Clean lines mean organization, and people love to explore a well-organized website.  This website specializing in interior design has a lot to offer but a simple navigation setup.  It’s easy to see where you want to click to find the information you are seeking.  

Use high quality images wisely

High quality images are key for drawing the interest of users, but you have to use your images wisely.  You don’t want to overload the design and kill your loading speeds in the process.  

Make sure you go through the process to compress large image files, so users don’t have slow loading times or missing images as they are viewing your pages.  Mobile users will suffer most when you have heavy page loads.  

Optimize for mobile users 

Mobile users make up a huge portion of all the users online, so it makes sense that mobile optimization would be important.  

Don’t allow yourself ignorance on this element, or your site will miss out on a lot of potential traffic.  Outsource the job of mobile optimization if you have to, but always make an effort to accommodate mobile users on your site.  

Have a base knowledge of SEO

Optimizing your site’s placement in the SERPs (search engine results pages) starts by learning the concepts of SEO.  Search engine optimization will help you put your pages in front of users more often, giving you a higher chance at added traffic.  Learn to refine your SEO skills, and you won’t have trouble getting people to your pages.