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Tips For A Winning Website Design

Every business needs a great website to support their online consumers.  Without a great business website, you’re not really giving your operation all the tools it needs to succeed.  Investing in the development of your website is essential.  

If you’re looking to build your business a website in-house, then you need to take the time to research the foundational building blocks of a solid site design.  Start now by reading through a brief compilation of some helpful tips on building a winning website.  

Resist the urge to clutter

Your homepage is a very important part of your site’s design.  It has the challenge of grabbing and holding the attention of web users.  You have just under three seconds to give users enough to latch onto, so of course, you want to make it count.  

Hoarding your ideas on the homepage is not the answer.  Too much clutter will overstimulate users and drive them away from the opportunities that lie before them.  

Keep the design simple

Keep your design clean and simple, so users won’t feel overwhelmed or confused about where to go next.  Adding a simple stationary navigation bar for movement is a big helper in this arena.  

Clean lines mean organization, and people love to explore a well-organized website.  This website specializing in interior design has a lot to offer but a simple navigation setup.  It’s easy to see where you want to click to find the information you are seeking.  

Use high quality images wisely

High quality images are key for drawing the interest of users, but you have to use your images wisely.  You don’t want to overload the design and kill your loading speeds in the process.  

Make sure you go through the process to compress large image files, so users don’t have slow loading times or missing images as they are viewing your pages.  Mobile users will suffer most when you have heavy page loads.  

Optimize for mobile users 

Mobile users make up a huge portion of all the users online, so it makes sense that mobile optimization would be important.  

Don’t allow yourself ignorance on this element, or your site will miss out on a lot of potential traffic.  Outsource the job of mobile optimization if you have to, but always make an effort to accommodate mobile users on your site.  

Have a base knowledge of SEO

Optimizing your site’s placement in the SERPs (search engine results pages) starts by learning the concepts of SEO.  Search engine optimization will help you put your pages in front of users more often, giving you a higher chance at added traffic.  Learn to refine your SEO skills, and you won’t have trouble getting people to your pages.  

5 Best Online Strategies for Marketers

When you are just beginning, it becomes a tough job to choose from various schemes, the right advertising strategy for your business. Sometimes the most effective advertising strategy is the most costly as well.

So here we are going to look at the ten most useful online Strategies for advertising that gives the most value.

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1.     Target your audience

 This is the foundation of any marketing strategy for your brand. If you don’t know what audience you are targeting, then all your marketing efforts would be in vain. Most of the businesses do not consider this crucial aspect of marketing.

Based on the existing customer profile, you can target an audience with similar psychographics and demographics and convert leads into prospects and then to customers.

2.     Personal Branding

Personal branding is one of the most underrated branding strategies in the industry if you can build a business around your personality and leverage your personality to gain trust and credibility, then nothing like it.

The way you put yourself in front of your audience shows whether or not people will want to buy from you if they are looking at a face there more prone to making a decision.

3.     Search Engine Optimisation

 The technical structure of your website determines your position on the search engine result page. On-page and Off-page SEO makes or breaks your site. All you have to do is optimise the content of your website and enhance the visuals and make the user experience such that they want to come back.

4.     Pay-Per-Click Ads

Pay per click ads is an inorganic mode of driving traffic to your website. As an advertiser, you have to pay the search engine to send traffic to your website. The more the amount you spend into this advertising technique, the more traffic you can get. However, you must be able and willing to pay whatever amount is quoted to you.

5.     Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing lies at the heart of any marketing strategy. You can drive traffic to your website using social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, depending on the personality of your brand and audience.

6.    Email Marketing

For this marketing strategy to work, you need a strong follower base. As complex as email marketing sound, it has the most potential to bring ROI. If you can get into someone’s inbox, then you are there to stay.

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Website Conversion Optimization – Try These 7 Tips

Improving conversion rate is important for every business website. But it is a complicated science.

It is important that you first establish the current situation of your website conversion %. Because sudden changes can have a big impact. And it can reflect positively or negatively in the short term but not be the correct answer to scale success.

Because the traffic which you are sending to your website is always going to hold the underlying answer. No matter the adaptations you are making when it arrives at your site. 100 irrelevant users is always going to be 0%. Where as 10 good quality users may be higher, but how do we get the attention of more of those. Can you afford it?

As you try different ad channels, social platforms, you will find big fluctuations from campaign to campaign. So it is important to be adaptable and willing to change broken ways. At the same time giving each method the time period it needs to see the true reflection of results. Also the return on investment of eac, going through your own business sales cycle.

There are organic ways and manual ways which you can look to improve the conversion rate. Because sometimes you need to intercept the traffic and prevent it looking elsewhere for a similar product or service. This is where website visitor tracking software can accompany your layout, design, landing page journeys, messaging to bring the results needed to grow your business.

Here are a few tips that really work when it comes to improving conversion rate.

1. Contemporary and Clear Design

The website design is the most important thing for every B2B business site. The design should be clear, contemporary and crispy. It should leave stunning impressions on the customers as well as new visitors. The site design and layout should clearly convey message and what you are selling. Many companies fail when it comes to improving conversion rate with great site designs.

2. Target the Right Audience

The marketing and advertisement of the business should focus on the people, instead of your products. The customers want to know how your product can be useful for them and why they should buy it. Target the right people and get creative in a way that marketing lets people how your products will solve their problems. Do some research, get help from experts and also use analytics and tools to understand your potential clients.

3. Establish Trust with Customers

Building trust with the customers is the most important thing. Many companies fail to build trust with the clients. How you can do this? This is really simple. Provide demos of your products or services on the site as well as contact information and other details that make users trust your business and products. Show testimonials and reviews of your previous customers to increase the trust factor.

4. Communicate Product Benefits

Conveying product or service benefits to the users is essential as it is the thing that lets them understand what your products are. Not run after offering details like product features or specs, instead focus on how users can benefit from it. Why they should choose your products instead of any others? If you master this art of communicating benefits, you will see a hike in conversion rate.

5. Use Social Media & SEO

Social media is an effective option when it comes to marketing a product or service. All the top brands and companies market their products on social media. Here you can get a lot of potential customers. Also run paid campaigns to target the right audience and users.

Similarly, the power of SEO is just undeniable. With SEO, you can make constant progress. The results are slow but they are permanent. Once you rank the site on top, the organic traffic is the best thing that happens to any business. They are your direct customers.

6. Offer Incentives

You can offer incentives, promotions and discounts to your customers. This is an effective way to attract new clients as well as retain the regular customers for your business. Event based offers like for valentines day, Christmas or others will surely help you get more customers and visitors.

7. Review Your Site Analytics

This is meant to help you understand the customer needs, demand, their shopping behavior and where you are losing the customers. Understand the user engagement and update your strategy in way to focus on areas where you could not make enough progress to increase conversion rates.