Claire Mitchell
Farm Manager and Volunteer Coordinator

Claire is in charge of deciding what to plant and where. She also gets volunteers together for work days and teaches workshops at the farm. She learned how to do urban farming in Chicago, where she worked for the Chicago Botanic Garden for three years teaching youth gardening programs. When Claire moved back to Tallahassee, she worked for two years at Green Industries Institute in Monticello, where she taught gardening classes and sold produce from a large garden. Claire is from Tallahassee, likes swimming in sink holes, parties when she’s not too tired, and is a kitchen witch.

Danielle Krasniqi
Sales Manager

Danielle is in charge of selling the great food produced on the farm. She keeps in touch with chefs each week to get their orders, and manages our CSA. She was taught (and is still currently being learned) all her growing skills from Claire when she worked at Green Industries in Monticello before they both started Ten-Speed Greens. An interest in gardening and food began several years ago and has been cultivated throughout gardens in Tallahassee, New Zealand, and Orlando – every day is a learning experience and there are many, many days ahead. When she’s not at the farm you might catch her on her motorcycle with the pup, Sevy, in tow, or maybe just sleeping (that counts as a hobby, right?).