Hope Everyone Enjoyed Their Thanksgiving

Thursday Farmstand Up and Running Again



Have you been by to check out our Thursday farmstand? True, it does get dark early these days; and yes, it can be a rush to make it before dark. But MAN OH MAN is it worth it! First of all, you get to meet Claire and Danielle (we’re really nice). Second of all, you get to visit our farm and walk around to look at your food growing before it’s harvested. Third of all, we harvest most of our food to order, so this is guaranteed the freshest market in town. Come by and see us this and every Thursday at 400 W 6th Ave, 3pm-dusk. See you tomorrow!

Open Volunteer Hours

volunteersHave you been wanting to grow your own garden but you aren’t sure how to get started? One of the best ways to learn is by doing, and luckily for you there is an urban farm in Tallahassee where you can get first hand experience planting, harvesting, and processing. We’re glad to answer any questions you have, and we always send out volunteers home with food. Volunteer hours are Monday and Wednesday 9am-12pm.




Ten-Speed Greens Home Delivery

Did you know that the Red Hills Online Market now offers home delivery? That means you can order all the Ten-Speed Greens produce you want, pay online, and then have it delivered to your door. Not only that, but you can order with 35 other farmers who sell meat, cheese, bread, jam and honey. Register to be a shopper, and we hope to be doing business with you soon!


Life at the Farm





We got a new roots washing station so now we can hose down all our radishes, carrots, turnips and beets without making such a mess in our wash tent. Mmmmm, roasted roots anyone?

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