Happy Thanksgiving Weekend


Eat Local for Thanksgiving


Here is a challenge issued by Ten-Speed Greens– Can you include 5 local ingredients in your Thanksgiving meal? It’s not that hard, there are plenty of fabulous veggies growing right now that will fit right in on your holiday table. Claire is making turnip gratin with our hakureis, and cooking the greens Southern style. Danielle is making roasted beets and sweet potatoes. We’ll both have a gorgeous local salad topped with watermelon radishes. Eating seasonally is easier than you think! Your last chance farmers market is Wednesday at Lake Ella. We won’t be there, but make sure to support your local farmers when shopping for your holiday feast.


Thursday Farmstand CANCELED This Week


Hey it’s Thanksgiving! Instead of selling produce we’ll be stuffing our guts with farm fresh food. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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